Safe & Sound Protocol

318 East Main Street, Battleground, WA 98604
1 hr 15 min, $125

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) has been shown to be helpful for individuals experiencing:
- Social engagement difficulties
- Auditory hypersensitivities
- Anxiety
- Trauma
- Depressed mood
- Mood dysregulation
- Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, and ADHD
- Misophonia
- Motion sickness
- Selective mutism
- Auditory Processing Disorder
- Sensory Processing Disorder
- Emotional regulation difficulties

Changes that clients report include*:
- Greater awareness of own and others' feelings
- Greater social engagement
- Greater non-verbal communication/increased facial expressions
- Better emotional control
- Increased feelings of calm and balance
- Greater confidence and willingness to try new things
- Less fear
- Decreased sensitivity to previously distressing/disturbing noises
- Improved sleep
- Decrease in digestive issues

SSP is not intended as a standalone treatment, but works well to prepare clients for other therapies and helps clients experience more calmness and connection when needed during the course of other therapies.

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) uses music to send cues of safety to the nervous system. The middle ear plays a critical role in sending cues of safety to our bodies and can stop functioning properly due to disruptions in our development, ongoing stress or negative/traumatic experiences. We can shift into, and stay stuck in, either a fight/flight response or a freeze response. When this happens, we don't notice cues of safety and we are more likely to sense threat all around us. We then have difficulty connecting with others in a healthy way, experiencing positive emotions, and engaging with healthier thoughts.

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